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    Kyomachiya Wanokura


  • Get the Ryokan experience on the cheap!

    Experience this unique house, getting in touch with Japanese culture!

    Wanokura is a traditional wooden Japanese house located in suburb Kyoto. You can try to make some Japanese food or some new friends and enjoy the Japanese lifestyle living the traditional house and chilling in the garden.

    The guesthouse offers a comfortable environment making it great to longstayers as well. Choose Wanokura for a perfect getaway whenever you visit Kyoto!

    和ノ蔵 Wanokura



  • The Rooms

    *Japanese Style room*

    • Capacity:2
    • For Couple/Friends
    • Japanese style with tatami.

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    Japanese Deluxe room

    • Capacity:2+4
    • For Couple/Families/group
    • Japanese-Western style with tatami,Guests sleep in either Western-style beds or Japanese futon bedding.

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    Japanese Family Room

    • Capacity:2+4
    • For Couple/Families/group
    • A private room of Japanese style with tatami,Guests sleep in either Western-style beds or Japanese futon bedding.

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    common space

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    Kids under 6 years old will be Existing bed (free charge)

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    Japanese style Room

    Japanese Deluxe Room

    Japanese Family Room

  • Address and Map

    〒607-8122 京都府京都市山科区大塚高岩2−42
    Yamashina-ku Otsukatakaiwa 2-42, Kyoto, 607-8122


    Phone Number: +81-75-202-8869

  • Wanokura Map

    Higashino Station to Wanokura

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  • How to reach us

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    〒607-8122 京都府京都市山科区大塚高岩2−42
    You have 3 options to get here from JR Kyoto Station:

    【Direction 1】- JR LINE, KEIHAN BUS, and walk -
    1.Kyoto station → Yamashina station (JR LINE/takes about 5min./190 Japanese yen. )
    2.Yamashima station → Kokudou Otsuka bus stop (KEIHAN BUS #21/takes about 10 min./210 Japanese yen.)
    3.Kokudou otsuka station → WANOKURA (10 min. by walk)

    【Direction 2】- JR LINE, SUBWAY TOZAI LINE, and walk -
    1.Kyoto station → Yamashina station (JR LINE/takes about 5min./190 Japanese yen.)
    2.Yamashima station → Higashino station (SUBWAY TOZAI LINE/takes about 5 min./210 Japanese yen.)
    3.Higashino station → WANOKURA (20 min. by walk)

    【Direction 3】- JR LINE and TAXI -
    1.Kyoto station → Yamashina station (JR LINE/takes about 5min./190 Japanese yen.)
    2.Yamashima station → WANOKURA (takes about 10 min./around 1,000 Japanese yen.)

  • Visit Kyoto, the ancient capital

    some of the highlights of the surrounding area

    Yamashina Canal

    The Cherry Blossoms of Yamashina Canal/
    The Yamashina canal was completed about 120 years ago. Part of the system for bringing water from Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, to the city of Kyoto.

    Easily reachable walking from Yamashina station.

    Keage Incline

    The Keage Incline is on the Kyoto side of the Lake Biwako Canal. It was once used as a rail line to connect channels. The stunning row of cherry trees along the track, which is visible to this day, represents one of Kyoto's best places to view sakura. When cherry blossom season comes, crowds of people come to walk along the old railroad tracks and watch the blossoms bloom. This is one of Kyoto's sakura spots you have to visit at least once.

    Easily reachable walking from Keage station.

    Daigoji 醍醐寺

    A designated World Heritage Site and National Treasure of Japan, the Daigo-ji 醍醐寺 is one of the world's most beautiful temples.Founded in the Heian period in 874, it survived the Onin War in the 1400s, and played host to a hanami cherry blossom viewing party arranged by a famous Samurai in the following century.


    Just two stations away from the guest house closest train station!

    Kiyomizudera 清水寺

    Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 is a beautiful temple in Kyoto up on the hills, with a view over the city. The temple grounds are a nice place to walk around and look at the many halls, gates, and pagodas from different angles. This is a very famous place and it might get a little crowded, but it is really worth visiting.

    Around 35 minutes by bus, walking time included

    Nanzenji 南禅寺

    The Nanzenji 南禅寺, whose spacious grounds are located at the base of Kyoto's forested Higashiyama mountains at the edge of the philosopher's path, is one of the most important Zen temples in all of Japan. It includes multiple subtemples, that make the already large complex of temple buildings even larger.

    Just three stations away from the guest house closest train station!

    Ginkakuji 銀閣寺

    Walking from Nanzenji through the philosopher path you reach the silver pavillion, Ginkakuji 銀閣寺.
    Built In 1482 by shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa as his retirement villa modeling it after the golden pavillion Kinkakuji.

    Easily reachable walking from Nanzenji through the philosopher's path

    Kinkakuji 金閣寺

    The Golden Pavillion, Kinkakuji 金閣寺, was built to echo the extravagant Kitayama culture that developed in the wealthy aristocratic circles of Kyoto during Yoshimitsu's times. In 1950 when it was set on fire by a fanatic monk obsessed to the temple beauty. The famous "Golden Pavillion" novel by Yukio Mishima is based on this story.

    On the opposite side of the city, is reachable by bus from JR Kyoto Station

    Gion 祇園

    Gion 祇園 is Kyoto's most famous geisha district. It is filled with traditional wooden machiya merchant houses, shops, restaurants and ochaya (teahouses), where geisha and maiko (geisha apprentices) entertain.

    Gion urban landscape is a unique glimpse to the past. If you want to know how ancient Japanese cities were this is the place to go.

    Easily reachable walking from Kiyomizudera or Sanjo station.

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